Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ready Or Not..Here We Come!

Max will soon be waking and getting himself ready for his first day of Kindergarten. He's excited, anxious, and very ready for this new transition.

I tucked the very getsited Max into bed last night and his little body was a mess of wiggly dinosaur fleece and story-time anticipation. I snuggled up next to him on his bed and we listened to music in the dark and tried to find stillness.

I thought of all the attributes of Max's that I love and strive to bring more of into my own life: his sense of humor, his enormous heart and compassion, and his irrepressible curiosity and wonder. He will love school and the joys that are ahead.

I'm just a little sad that the apron strings are being loosened a bit today. This new joyful adventure will be one that he discovers without me giving him the high-fives, good-job-hugs and laughter that we both find so satisfying throughout the day. I will miss his giggles and wonder and curiosity, and especially his enormous hugs and smiles.

Now it will be Max's chance to filter out his day and share the highs and lows with us with the benefit of past-tense. High-fives and hugs will be delayed until the tail lights on the bus blink and we trudge back up the dirt road together.

He is ready for this. He will shine.


Leah said...

HUGS!!!! Thank goodness there are laws that force us to allow our children to spread their wings and fly out of the protective nests of home to attend school. It's tempting to want to selfishly keep these little people alllll to ourselves! Look out world, here they come... *wipes a quick tear*

TwinMadre99 said...

I think Max & Sammy are two very lucky little boys to have such a tender, insightful mama looking out for 'em, loving 'em & raising 'em up . . .

shakingthetree said...

"The benefits of past tense"...
Great line - great observation.
Congratulations to all of you.