Monday, June 29, 2009

Shark Camp

I'm a veritable machine of efficiency this afternoon as I enjoy the first quiet moments in my house in over two weeks. Sam took a nap (bless you, dear boy) and Max got packed off to "Shark Camp" at the local zoo for the afternoon. Two hours of Nirvana and accomplishment for me.

The quiet stillness coupled with the ability to complete a phone call or task (of which there are many) without someone crying, bleeding, sneezing or fighting is positively motivating. Which is why I'm logged onto this here Internets.

Alright already, Laundry. I hear you whimpering down there.

Photos taken at the Maritime Festival earlier this month.
Video of trout gut removal to follow at a later date.


Yesterday we harvested garlic and got our garden ready for planting pumpkins. There was much digging, smelling and cheering for the odorous bulbs, as well as discussion of future jack-o-lanterns.

I love how the garden writes chapters in our lives complete with foreshadowing, plot development and the occasional conflict (with pests, weather and sharing of the water hose). Mostly, however, I love the character development of plants and humans as we get to know each other just a little bit better while crouching on the edge of a garden bed.

No One Wants To Be Defeated

While there is no illuminated staircase and I doubt that Max could defeat an entire street gang in this particular get-up, I hope you still enjoy this little video. It's dedicated with great admiration for the King of Pop and all that his music meant to me in 1983 when I wore out my "Thriller" tape on my Sony Walkman. Sigh.

The 3 minutes of blank screen at the end are due either to (a) my ineptitude at movie editing or (b) a moment of silence as we remember the musical genius that was Michael Jackson. Feel free to acknowledge and move on. Maybe do a little moon walk while you're at it.

Mom - if you have trouble playing the video, try quitting your web browser and then re-opening it and returning to the website. Love you!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Really? Has it been THAT long? I guess it has been a while since I've updated on the getsitement around here. Forgive me, peeps.

Summer is in full swing, the sprinkler giggles with nearly naked tots, and I am soaking up sun, dirt, and fresh summer fruit like it might go out of season. The garden beckons at all hours and I find myself resenting the staccato of constant interruption that is the soundtrack of life with two small boys.

We wound up the school year two weeks ago with a mad bonanza of sewing projects, good-bye events, thank you gifts, play dates, and then...Wham-Bam! Right into some out-of-state air travel -- standby style.

We actually did relax a bit while visiting my folks and the rest of my family on a slow, unexpected and relaxed pace. In addition to all of our relaxing, we also managed to squeeze in some swimming with the cousins, a Solstice Water Soaker Fest, Father's Day, multiple Farmer's Markets, a round of antibiotics (Sam), a triathalon (Mr. Wonderful) and a raging bout of GI distress (party of four).

Sure feels good to be back home again...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Atta Boy

Milestones, Progression and Sunshine have been the themes of our week.

On Wednesday, Max and I went to Kindergarten Orientation to meet his upcoming teachers and schoolmates. The highlight, of course, was that Max rode a school bus for the first time. A big, yellow, "real" school bus from which he might see deer sometime and on which he has to sit on his bottom the WHOLE time.

Clearly, the perspective of viewing the world from the inside of a yellow bus has changed things for Max in ways that I can't really comprehend. I have bittersweet feelings about seeing his little head bopping up the aisle and grabbing a seat, pulling his backpack off and inspecting his lunch before the bus even eases back into motion, driving him down the road and into a world that is his own. I lose my breath for a minute trying to imagine how this can be happening when I remember the tender days in which he'd gleefully scream "SCHOOBUS!" "GAR-BAAAAGE TRUCK!" BACKHOE LOADER!" from his tiny car seat. It never, ever occurred to me that on those buses were someone else's babies who'd been unable to say "Firetruck" without making it sound obscene. Now, it will be our little one taking this new journey.

Max also started swimming lessons this week from the Jedi Swim-Whisperer Magic Swim Coach who has molded the spastic and distracted Max into a focused and hard-working "Super Scooper" in just four short hours. Although we've tried lessons in the past and he has loved them, he never really got the hang of swimming on his own and was terrified to jump into a pool.

This swimming gig has boosted his confidence exponentially and we're delighting in seeing its manifestations throughout the day. He's cooperative, eager and secure; and that makes for a kid whose ready to dive into anything.

Including Kindergarten. Even if he needs a friendly push now and then. Watch how he keeps plugging on...I think he'll make it just fine wherever he needs to go.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Greased Lightning

The irony of attending a muscle car show the day before GM fell into bankruptcy was not lost on many of the adults waxing nostalgic over the Pontiac GTOs and bitchin' Camaros this weekend. However, all symbolism and nostalgia was absent for my boys, who were much more interested in sticking their tongues out to see their reflection in the shiny and twinkling paint jobs and seeing who could closest to a car WITHOUT touching it.

Sam was also very insistent that he be photographed with all the RED cars and wanting to know when we would go inside and watch the "Cars" show. There are only so many times you can tell a person "This IS the car show...DON'T TOUCH!" before realizing that a Subway sandwich might be much more up his alley.

We met a very nice man who offered to let the boys and one of their buddies climb on into his antique 1923 truck. Which they "shifted", pressed pedals, and turned knobs. The guy laughed as I continued asking "Are you sure this ok?" He seemed delighted that the old girl was still getting giggles from the kids and was very relaxed. Then he told us that his car was one of FIVE still in existence.

I'm pretty sure he was looking for an insurance payout.

And, then...there was a race car that was very kid friendly and clearly the hit of the day.

Oh. Yeah.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Doesn't Miss A Thing

Preparing for departure to his T-Ball game this weekend, Max looked out the window and calmy stated, "I think we're taking the truck today."

"Oh", I replied "Is Daddy taking the truck?" while quickly running a car seat location /calculation formula in my head.

"No, he didn't say that. But when Daddy wears his brown pants with the paint dots on them and his gray shirt, that usually means we'll be driving in the truck."

It's good to be predictable.

For the record, Mr. Wonderful changed his clothes and they drove in the car. He's crazy like that.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jellie Bean

Don't look now, but I think someone's got his eye on you :-)